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With Jordana Wright 

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Rev. Dr. Morrison, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Huron University

Go back to school with Jordana for the digital ministry course your MDiv couldn't provide.

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Here's what faith leaders are saying about the Visitors To Members System course


Here's what the Moderator (most senior elected official) of the United Church of Canada is saying about programming developed by Jordana, your Visitors To Members System instructor

Turn your online church visitors into members with help from Jordana

Video: Clip from the Annual Meeting of the General Council of the United Church of Canada.

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Jordana Wright works in online and in-person community building with congregations of the United Church. Her mission is to help church communities become more vibrant, impactful, and connected.

Her advice has been featured in Broadview Magazine, Mandate Magazine, and Now she's teaching you her signature digital ministry approach, The Visitors To Members System. This System is a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships with your online audience (whether it's 1 or 10,000 viewers) - and creating impactful membership opportunities for online visitors who may never step foot in your church.

Jordana lives and works in Canada, but provides remote courses, coaching, and ministry development resources for faith communities worldwide. She is a true digital native and online ministry evangelist.

6 video lessons (Approx. 2h)

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1. Meet Your Instructor: Jordana Wright

Approx. 5m We can all be community builders, and innovate with the resources we have, from exactly where we are. No budget? No staff team? Very little free time?....No problem! We're a scrappy bunch. Jordana shares her experiences with making a big impact in faith communities with little to no resources, and offers her top tips that will help you along the way. I'm in! Send me the secrets!

3. Creating Reasons For Your Visitors To Stay A While And Return - Beyond Sunday

Approx. 30m The Old Way: You already have Sunday covered and you're delivering a great online worship experience, but you just can't seem to figure out how to get your new online visitors to stay a while and return - beyond Sunday. The Visitors To Members System Way: Tools for creating even more reasons for your online visitors to stay engaged during the 167 hours per week outside of online worship. Doing it the old way? Try the Visitors To Members System Way!​​​​​​​

4. Getting To Know Your Visitors Through Tailored And Automated Communications, Not Boring Broadcast Email Newsletters

Approx. 30m The Old Way: You keep in touch with online church visitors through a newsletter or one-off campaign sent to a whole list of people in one go. The Visitors To Members System Way: Tools for learning more about visitors and automatically sending tailored communications based on their needs and interests. Doing it the old way? Try the Visitors To Members System Way!

5. Building Meaningful Online Membership and Giving Opportunities

Approx. 30m The Old Way: Your online membership opportunities are limited to attending Zoom meetings, or include an overwhelming set of events, programs, and groups scattered across a disconnected network of platforms ("go to YouTube for worship, Facebook to join small groups, Eventbrite for..."). The Visitors To Members System Way: Tools for online visitors to be seamlessly onboarded into a dynamic membership experieince, where everything they need to connect with community is all in one place. And it's easy, fun, and impactful to give - even for new online members who may never step foot in your building. Doing it the old way? Try the Visitors To Members System Way!

2. Why Your Online Visitors Are Leaving Without Even Saying 'Hi'

Approx. 30m The Old Way: Anonymous online visitors watch your content and then leave without any way of knowing who they are. The Visitors To Members System Way: Tools for online visitors to easily become known to you so you can follow-up with them and take next steps. Doing it the old way? Try the Visitors To Members System Way!

6. What's Next?

Approx. 5m You're offcially Visitors To Members System certified! This comes with all sorts of value packed freebies, and other perks. See you on the inside! I'm in!​​​​​​​


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access to one of the limited number of pre-order priced spots in the Visitors To Members System course?

Pre-order pricing is now available for a limited number of participants who secure their spot in the Visitors To Members System course before the official launch on October 1st. Pre-order priced spots in the course will be available while quantities last. Simply head to the check-out now to secure this rate while available. Not all purchases made before October 1st will have access to this rate. Prices will go up when the pre-order special sells out, on or before the offcial launch on October 1st.

When and where does the Visitors To Members System course take place?

The Visitors To Members System course is an engaging online video course that you can take at your convenience. It will be delivered to you via email on October 1st (check your junk mail), and will be available to you on demand after the official October 1st launch date.

How long does it take to complete the course and become a Visitors To Members System Certified Church?

The Visitors To Members System video course is approximately 2 hours long. The length of time it will take you to develop your episodic content, landing pages, automations, app, and CRM will vary. There are tools from the course that can be implemented within minutes and others that you can continue to refine over time. Similarly, the length of time it takes to paint a painting can be minutes or months - and both can be a work of art.

What is included in the Visitors To Members System course?

The course provides step-by-step video instruction on the Visitors To Members System. At it's core, the system is all about:

  1. Episodic content that engages;
  2. Landing pages and automations that convert; and,
  3. Apps and Congregant Relationship Management platforms that serve.
This includes: ✔Making episodic content that creates even more reasons for your visitors to stay a while and return beyond Sunday; ✔Building landing pages that convert anonymous visitors into known leads you can follow-up with, for a variety of church-specific content (Worship, Sunday School, and more!); ✔ Developing mission-aligned lead magnets that provide visitors with a great reason to introduce themselves to you; ✔Setting up automated communications triggers and actions that will bring value to online newcomers based on their individual needs, interests, and pain points; ✔ Launching free and low-cost apps that put everything your members need to connect with church on Sunday and beyond right in the palm of their hands (without hiring an expensive software engineer or any coding knowledge); ✔ Setting up a seamlessly integrated online church ecosystem where there is no confusion about where members should go to access the activities and people they're seeking; and, ✔ Using your enhanced online membership experience to create more meaningful and frictionless giving opportunities. I'm in! Where do I sign up!

My church is relatively small and we only have a handful of online visitors, can we still benefit from the Visitors To Members System?

The Visitors To Members System scales with your organization. Meaning, you can grow the ways that you use it over time based on where you are in your online church journey. Got it! I'm ready to start today!

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